Is it silly to plan for an unforeseen future?

Yesterday evening I was having a group conversation about the plans that we make for ourselves now and then. I have myself been making plans for this and that reasons for all my life (when I got control on my life). During the conversation we all realised (once again) that making plans does not guarantees the best outcome that we expect to achieve.

There is a famous quote: If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. 🙂

Is God laughing at my plans?
Is God laughing at my plans?

I always wanted to be a medical doctor, and to achieve my goal I planned everything precisely, made a tough learning schedule for myself, studied sincerely, devoted more time to studies than to watching movies/dancing samba, but damn! Could not achieve what I PLANNED!

Then I decided to go for studies in US, then again my planning and execution was up to mark (at least the best what I could have done) but still things did not go as PLANNED!

Now I want to land in a job that suits my competence profile. I have worked hard on my CV, have been showing interest to work to many in my field, but things have not been going in the direction of what I had previously PLANNED!

It’s not that I am disheartened to see that my plans are not giving good results, but sometimes I think if GOD is really laughing aloud at my PLANS whenever I make them! One of my colleague in the discussion yesterday said that we should flow with the moment, but give our best to what we want to achieve and then take what we get finally (HAPPILLY). I frankly would say the same to all, but is it something that I would be happy with? In the short run, may be YES but in the long run definitely NO.

So the question is that should we plan for the unforeseen future, when we don’t even know if we will get to see the next day ? 🙂 (Although it sounds little depressing)

But On an optimistic note, I would definitely like to give a good fight when it comes to achieving my goals, but yes, I think I have realised now that I shouldnt feel very sad for something that does not go according to my plans 🙂 I guess it is the way towards HAPPY LIVING 🙂