My Thoughts, My Views

Hello, Hej, Namaste to all,

I am a first time blogger, but have this feeling of having my own blog one day where I could write & share my views with the outside world and start a discussion on the very basic but important questions of life that surrounds us in our day to day life. I am no philosopher. I believe we all have our views on everything, but we just don’t go loud on most of them. I found blogging a rather positive way of expressing my views than putting my views in my status quotes on other social networking sites 🙂

I have been reading quiet a lot of blogs by different people and its always interesting to observe the way people differ in expressing their views although it might occur at the end that all are eventually agreeing on one particular issue. Its amazing and thoughtful at the same time to observe a sea of expressions merging into a big ocean of agreement. Its just like walking different pathways that lead to the same market square. 

I will take on different topics, modern, traditional, current, past, but something that we would all like to talk about and express our thoughts, views & emotions through words. Hope to engage in discussion with many of you in this wide world where we all are swimming in a ocean of thoughts 🙂

My thoughts and views, which have been largely my own will be open to discussion.

Lets begin!